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Our global communications capabilities are vast and varied.

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Offering a systematic approach to translating with multilingual capabilities for:

  • Rush Requests
  • High-Volume Materials
  • One-Time & Ongoing Projects
  • Technical Documents
  • Multi-Cultural Branding
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Website Localization

Adapting your website to the global market is a challenge that we have perfected. Offering tools for mobile browsing, e-commerce and multilingual chat, the transition is seamless.

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Audio & Video Transcription

We offer tailored services in all major languages and from any digital media format, delivering the full text in your desired format.

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Real-Time Interpretation

Small groups, large symposiums, even telephone conference-call interpretations are coordinated and handled professionally, onsite or remotely to meet your needs.

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Sub-Titling, Voice-Overs, Dubbing

Our translation experts will preserve the authentic tenor of your work while conveying it vividly to another culture via sub-titles, voice-over and voice dubbing. We will also cast and provide voice-over talent if needed.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient research regulations require any patient-completed questionnaires to be written in the person’s native language. The level of comprehension needs to be in line with the average native subject. We ensure that this conceptual equivalency is achieved. Independent clinical translation reviews are also available.

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Protocol Packages

We can provide Complete Protocol Packages to ensure consistency of terminology and adherence to regulatory submissions. We translate and validate your PROs, as well as all protocol-related documents. We can also provide guidance with master trial documents and make sure you get certifications for each document with detailed methodology, for your records and audit trail.

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Legal Translation Support

From trial support and depositions to patent translations, we offer a full scope of legal translation services, with onsite and remote capabilities.

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Personalized Service

Here at COGENTPLUS we consistently provide you with more specialized services than any other agency. For example, we offer several levels of expedited turnaround times, longer service hours, weekend and holiday availabilities, volume pricing discounts and much more. And that means every step, every phone call; you have us 24/7. The final result is a reflection on our commitment to you and your translation needs. When working with COGENTPLUS, you have our word our translations will be superior in every way.

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“Language is not just words. It’s a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community.”

-Noam Chomsky

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